[Review+Swatch] ETUDE HOUSE – Fresh Cherry Tint #OR201 Peach

This is my very first time writing a product review on my personal blog. I’ve once wrote a review on kak sasya’s blog, but that’s for a different product. This time, I’m gonna do a quick review about Etude House’s Fresh Cherry Tint. This Lip Tint available in total 6 color options : red, pink, hot pink, peach, coral, and lavender. Mine is the peach one, the code is OR201.

This product come out in an average size for a lip tint with 9gr netto. The front box shows a picture of a Liptint and it shows the product’s color inside.

It’s also the first time I bought a korean beauty product since this kinda lip product isn’t available in any local cosmetic for now.

The tube is cute and even though i’ve accidentally dropped it several times nothing bad happen.

How I use it : I apply lipbalm first and let it sit for several minutes. Then, I dabbed the liptint on my lips evenly. Then, wait for around 5 minutes, after that I dabbed a tissue on my lips to wipe off the excess. And that’s it. The stain will remain looking matte and natural. If you want a glossy look, you won’t need to wipe off the excess like I do. Oh and the scent is sweet it smells like a candy.

It has a milky texture. On the second photo, it has been wiped off after several minutes and the tint remain like that even after 5 hours.

It has been like 5 or 6 weeks and I’ve been using it like every single day as part of my morning routine. And it remains plenty! I only apply one layer so that it looks natural and add another layer at evening when i go out. This product suits me well. It doesnt feel heavy at all like when I put on a lipstick. The thing is, it sometimes makes my lips dry, so I have to apply lipbalm before and every time my lips feel dry.

You can buy it here, only for IDR 68.000,-.


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